Employee mental health care
is no longer just a benefit.

Promoting employee mental health is an important aspect of the company's strategy and culture. Companies that invest in their employees' mental health report improved productivity, lower turnover, and greater engagement. Furthermore, today's employees expect their employers to offer the resources they need to live healthy lives.

Online therapy sessions are not the only option available to your team.

Quick psychological help
and long-term prevention in one place

Online psychological counseling

Online therapy and psychological consultations with qualified psychotherapists who have many years of experience and are among the top in the field. In 12 world languages. 7 days a week.
For help in any situation.

Articles, videos, live streams, support groups

Inspirational articles, videos and podcasts about mental health. They will help you learn new habits, master relaxation techniques and discover important topics. You can also watch live streams with our therapists who will provide valuable advice and support.

Tests, quizzes and assesment

Our tests are based on intensive psychological practice and are designed to be relevant to each user. They allow you to explore your psyche with expert knowledge and the latest research.

Educational and support materials

Theory is one thing, but practice is often significantly different. Thanks to the many practical tutorials, you can easily consolidate your knowledge and tactics and better cope with everyday challenges.

Give your employees a safe and inspiring online space where they always feel understood and accepted.

We also think of HR, well-being, and benefits managers

Not only your employees, but also the HR and wellbeing managers who take care of this area internally in your company, will find many opportunities in our online program. You'll have the tools to more easily implement a mental health care program in your company.

Regular anonymized reports

They will give you a detailed overview of how the program is being used and help you identify areas that need more attention.

Training modules

To help HR and wellbeing managers develop the skills needed to detect, manage and prevent mental health problems in the workplace.

Useful checklists

Do you like clear assignments and procedures? In that case, you can use our checklists and follow them step-by-step.

Support materials

One pager summaries and promotional materials that address mental health care and communicate the importance of it.

The prevalence of mental disorders is rising year after year.

1 in 10 Europeans take time off work each year because of depression and anxiety.

Starting the online program is easy
Stress and worry free

  • We will identify your needs and create the ideal program setup.
  • We can help you with a plan to introduce mental health care into your workplace.
  • We will introduce the online program to your employees.
  • We will provide you with support materials for internal communication

Join us to improve the mental well-being of your employees,
promote a positive company culture, and boost the productivity of your teams.

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