Webinars & workshops
for companies

We directly support employee mental health care in companies. We teach psychology, well-being, and mental health skills. Our online webinars and live training help your teams' and managers' competencies and mental resilience to flourish.

online or in your workplace

Experienced psychologists
or trainers  guaranteed

Educational materials
as part of the follow-up

90 - 120 minutes
according to a topic complexity

Company-specific training

Modern psychology-related data that is applicable and helpful

There are 6 different areas of focus

What areas do your staff need to improve their skills and expertise in?
Choose from the most popular topics or contact us to discuss
your company's special requirements.

I need to boost my

”I make concessions to everyone all the time, or feel upset with someone quite often.”

I feel stressed out
all day long

”I have no time for myself, my family and my hobbies. There's too much to do, and I can't say no.”

I really need a restart
at work

”I am having a hard time focusing and calming down. I feel exhausted. I don't have any ideas, I don't feel like it.”

Feeling well at work as well as at home

”Problems at home prevent me from being focused at work. I don't know what to do."

Team? What team?!

”We don't really meet halfway and we often argue. My colleague is always negative, he spoils the mood of the team."”

Managing projects
vs. managing people

”I provide my team with enough space, yet people are hesitant to make decisions or express what they think.”

And what if webinar isn't enough?

Let's organize a training series or Mental Health Day for your staff.