We can offer much more

In addition to an online program, we may design mental health webinars or workshops for your company, provide learning resources to help your internal communications, or organize a Mental Health Day in your workplace.

Webinars and workshops

Psychohygiene in crises, healthy habits, relaxation techniques, burnout prevention, and psychological safety at work are some of the topics we can cover. It is only a partial list of the training courses we offer for managers, teams, and entire companies.

Mental health day

Hosting a Mental Health Day at your workplace can be a great way to promote mental health awareness. It will provide your employees with important resources and experience for improving the work environment, reducing stress, and promoting a healthy business culture.

Monthly topics

The content package on selected psychological topics includes materials for internal communication or corporate training. We will provide you with fresh content, insightful examples, and practical recommendations every month to help your employees enhance their knowledge and skills.

Business Coaching

Support your managers and top talents in personal and professional growth by providing them individual development no group training can cover. Connect your top talents with coaches and seasoned managers who will guide them on their leadership journey.