Online Mental Health Care Program Designed
for Companies

Let's improve the mental well-being and performance of your team. Your employees can get both online psychological counseling and long-term,
targeted prevention through Soulmio online platform.

For startups, mid-sized companies and corporations. From online therapies
to education

Mental health care in companies is not a buzzword for us, but a matter of the heart. Whether your employees need to address specific mental health issues with a psychotherapist or want to learn how to prevent them, they can always find all in one place.

All-in-one: give your people what they truly need:

  • Online psychological counseling

  • MySoulmio Comprehensive Education Portal

  • Webinars & Workshops

  • Mental Health Days

  • Tailored content on the topic of mental health

  • HR & Manager Training on Workspace Mental Health Care

Why promote mental health at work?

Mental health is an essential yet frequently neglected aspect of employee wellbeing. Providing comprehensive care has a positive effect not only on their mental health but also on the success of your company.

Better relations between colleagues and teams

Reduction of excessive stress
and likelihood of burnout

Improved concentration and drive for innovations.

Increased productivity
and job satisfaction

Reduction of absenteeism and presenteeism 

Strengthening of employer branding

Companies that trust us

Let the global numbers do the talking
You may be surprised

$ 1 trillion

cost depression and anxiety disorders 
the global economy annualy

source: WHO, 2016

32 working days

cost an employee with a depressive condition one company per year.

source: Harward Business School, 2019

1 of 2 employees

in the U.S. is considering resigning because of mental health issues.

source: Lighthouse Research & Advis., 2021

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What clients say about us

We know that mental health care is individual, and we cannot force anyone, but we can inspire - and sometimes that is enough. Different themes speak to each of our colleagues in relation to mental health, and that diversity is what is great about Soulmio.

People Care Specialist

We value not only online therapies but also anonymous closed groups and livestreams on a variety of topics. Soulmio is actively and continuously used by our employees, and a few of them have been brave enough to tell us that this benefit has truly helped them.

Senior HR Manager
Global Payments Europe

According to the online magazine CzechCrunch and Hospodářské noviny, Simona Zabrzova, founder and CEO, is one of twenty creative, inspiring and successful people who helped change the Czech Republic in 2020
and the world.

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Company values

Our values are key to us. We strive to express them clearly both internally and externally to help clients, business partners and those of us within Soulmio better understand what can be expected of us.