Moderated breakfast in your company

If your team enjoys non-traditional educational formats, you'll definitely be interested in the Moderated Company Breakfast with corporate and personal coach Nikola Šraibová.

Join your team for a two-hour moderated company breakfast that combines the useful with the enjoyable

The topic of Self-Coaching or another from the offer

Specific techniques and interactive model examples from practice

Moderated by an experienced coach

The breakfast lasts for 120 minutes

Usually in Czech or English

We recommend high-quality and healthy catering

Meet the lecturer

Nikola Šraibová
Business and Life coach

For more than 12 years, she has been dedicated to psychology and coaching. She is a recognized mentor and author of articles on the topics of human happiness and psychology. With clients, she most frequently addresses areas of relationships that surround us both at home and in the workplace. She focuses on improving mutual communication, finding emotional stability, and the ability to confidently navigate through challenging life situations. She has gained extensive experience in companies such as Redbull, Adidas, Staropramen, Renault, Innogy, TV Prima, Edenred, Rouvy, De Heus, Iveco Group, Albatros Media, Digiteq Automotive, Logio, and DoDo.

Nikola's topics