E-book for everyday situations with employees

Your Team's Mental Health

Minimum for team managers

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What you'll find in the ebook

Learn to recognise that your colleagues are not in the best mental state. Learn how to have supportive conversations and how to help people without a PhD in psychology.

the role of the manager in corporate mental health care

signals that a colleague doesn't feel mentally fit

how to have a supportive, not condescending conversation
the essentials of psychohygiene for yourself

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Ebook is especially suitable for...

  • Team managers. When you wish to treat team members warmly but don't know how to do it. 
  • HR managers. If you want to get a hands on how-to for managers and yourself to have quality one-on-one conversations with employees.
  • CEOs and corporate culture managers. When you intend to strengthen relationships and trust in the workplace.

Get the most out of the ebook

  • Greenhorn in a managerial role? Get clear on what kind of leader you want to be. Learn the basics of how to build the team's trust in you and the team as a whole.

  • When a team member is clearly not themselves. Recognize early signals that a colleague needs help. Get tips on how to have a supportive yet non-intrusive conversation.

  • When you want to drive and inspire people beyond the accomplished tasks. Gradually set up an environment where people feel comfortable and don't want to leave.

  • When you're feeling exhausted. Recognize the onset of burnout early. Try a simple technique to calm down and focus better.