Ebook for HR & managers

Even HeRoes need to take care of their mental health

Strategies for when it's too much for you

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What you'll find in the ebook

Few leaders are asked how they are doing and whether they need a helping hand or to talk. You have no choice but to create such a support space yourself. This e-book with tips from psychologists, HR people and managers will help you in building your private mental wellness.
how to keep your energy up and not collapse from exhaustion
how to strengthen your resilience and prepare a personal crisis plan
how to say no without being arrogant
tips for quick and effective unplugging during the day

Ebook sneak peek 

Ebook is especially suitable for...

  • HR managers. You constantly arrange the best for others. Do the same for yourself. 
  • Team managers. To inhale and exhale between the never-ending to do's and the people management. As inspiration to care for your team members.

Get the most out of the ebook

  • Reflect on where you are. Treat yourself to a date with yourself and at least one exercise to clarify how you feel now and what you need to feel better.
  • Hands-on exercises. Just theory hasn't helped anyone yet. Embark on at least one of the practical exercises created by psychologists and coaches.
  • Self-coaching or self-therapy. Have you not yet found the time or commitment to meet with a professional? The ebook will at least replace or supplement such a meeting.
  • At least one small step. You don't have to try everything right away. Choose the one activity that interests you the most. That's quite enough.