Feeling well at work, as well at home

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Emotions (under control)

Emotions are an inherent part of our lives.
However, how to manage their acute onslaught over the last days and weeks? Your primary focus needs to be on your roles (at work and at home) so you don't make mistakes and don't let your emotions drag you around.

Content of the webinar:

  • Natural reactions in challenging situations
  • How to manage stress and emotions
  • How to maintain quality work performance and family well-being
  • Important principles of long-term care and prevention
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist


How to achieve longevity

What causes us to have more energy and better sleep? What factors make us more vital? And what will ensure us a long-term quality of life in excellent health? The answer is known to modern science. This workshop will go through the most recent results in the field of lifestyle medicine and longevity. We will also show you how to apply lifestyle medicine ideas to everyday life and how to uncover your own resources for living a lively and productive life.

Content of the webinar:

  • Specific factors that influence the rate at which we age
  • What you can do right away and what you should make a habit of in the long run
  • New research in the field of longevity
Lecturer: Adam Kulhanek
Addictions expert, doctor
and soft skills trainer

Working remotely

Effective and creative regardless of where you are

Considering the events of the past few years, most people have been forced to work from home in an unhealthy way. It was all very sudden, obligatory and with no predefined processes. On top of that, some people had to deal with being ill and having their kids at home all the time. It was hard to build healthy habits under such conditions. People were being defeated by fatigue and lack of work-life boundaries. All this has stuck with some of us to this day.

Content of the webinar:

  • How to create conditions for deep work
  • How to set up a healthy work routine even when you're not physically in the office
  • How to deal with attention issues and fatigue when using digital technology
  • We will also discuss the phenomenon of social isolation that is related to remote work
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach


A healthy mindset towards both personal and work life

Well-being is a state of feeling good in all spheres of life. Making changes in one sphere can have a direct impact on all others. In order to fully enjoy our lives, we must learn to consider and prioritize the spheres that contribute to our overall well-being. Those include: physical health, mental resilience, financial situation, career, family and community.

Content of the webinar:

  • What is wellbeing and how it is related to your work performance
  • You will learn to evaluate your personal wellbeing 
  • You will be provided with tips and tools to improve your well-being in various spheres of your life 
  • Personal well-being plan with specific steps to take

Lecturer: Kristyna Cetkovska
Psychologist and coach


How to get rid of the fear of losing something

FOMO stands for "Fear of what I might miss or miss out". It is a psychological condition in which an individual feels anxious or nervous that he/she might miss something interesting, socially relevant or important. This anxiety is often associated with social media activity, where they see others spending time or experiencing events and feel the need to be constantly included. FOMO can affect an individual's emotional well-being and decision-making processes.

Content of the webinar:

  • Definition, identification and meaning of FOMO
  • Understanding the psychological mechanisms
  • Impact of FOMO on emotional and mental health
  • How social media and technology contribute to anxieties and fears
  • Strategies for healthier use of digital platforms
Lecturer: Kristyna Cetkovska
Psychologist and coach

Career vs. parenthood

How to manage both well

Career versus Parenthood explore the challenges and strategies for balancing professional ambitions with the responsibilities of parenthood. Speaker share personal experiences, providing insights into navigating this complex balance. Interactive activities might help attendees reflect on their priorities and develop practical solutions.

Content of the webinar:

  • Meeting with emotional needs: for yourself, for your children, in a relationship
  • Career - partnership - parenting as sources of conflict and fulfillment
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach

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