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Burnout syndrome

From psychologist perspective

Burnout syndrome has recently been a “hot topic” that we encounter more and more often. The onslaught of work duties, burning deadlines, the effort to achieve a perfect work-life balance - all this sometimes places extreme demands on us. 

Content of the webinar:

  • Understanding what burnout syndrome is
  • Strategies for quickly detecting the risk of burnout
  • Prevention methods to avoid burnout conditions in the team
  • Steps to take if an individual is experiencing burnout
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist
Lecturer: Kristyna Cetkovska
Psychologist and coach

Happiness at work

How to stay productive and happy

Maintaining high performance over time without getting "crazy"? Top athletes and managers know all about it. What factors enable people to perform at their best, preserve their mental health, and be enthusiastic about their work? Using recovery principles, we'll show you how to sharpen the saw and strike a balance between productivity and rest. We'll also go through the most recent results in positive psychology for preserving subjective happiness and attain flow in practice, and the latest recommendations in performance coaching. 

Content of the webinar:

  • What makes us happy or joyful at work?
  • What small steps do we take to actively build ourselves?
  • How to handle setbacks and changes
  • How to outline your personal mission quickly and easily

Lecturer: Adam Kulhanek
Addictions expert, doctor
and soft skills trainer

Inner Battery

Re-start your inner engine

The past years have taken us through a lot: economical instability, war in Europe, a never-ending pandemic... Alongside that, we all have our roles as parents, partners or employees. These roles are not always easy and bring a lot to deal with as well. You will learn how to keep your head above the water, find security in insecure times and rely on yourself and your mental strength.

Content of the webinar:

  • Understanding natural reactions in challenging situations
  • Strategies for managing stress and emotions
  • Balancing quality work performance and family well-being
  • Important principles of long-term care and prevention
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach

Digital detox

How to get rid of digital addiction 

You know how it feels to be completely immersed in something? You lose track of time, you can't stop yourself, and you want to do it again and again? With a cell phone in their hands, an increasing number of people are experiencing these feelings. Social media, excessive shopping, video games... Understand when entertainment becomes an addiction.

Content of the webinar:

  • Why has technology become a modern-day "drug"?
  • Exploring the neurological aspects in an addict's brain
  • Identifying the limits of technology addiction
  • Addiction treatment and prevention

Lecturer: Adam Kulhanek
Addictions expert, doctor
and soft skills trainer

Insight and Overwhelm

How to keep your perspective

In the performance era, we are forced to constantly evaluate, analyze, make decisions, and adapt to new changes and challenges. The consequence is often an overwhelm that keeps us in too much detail and therefore we lose perspective. Nikola will share with you specific tips that you can start using now for greater peace of mind and insight.

Content of the webinar:

  • Specific tips on how to take life in stride
  • Time to stop and realize our limits that prevent us from keeping perspective 
  • How not to lose yourself in overwhelm
  • Understand the principle of lightness of being
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach

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