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Excessive stress

Outsmart the enemy of your health

Stress is a normal human reaction. It helps us to be on our guard and avoid danger. However, suppose there are too many stressful factors at once or last for a long time. In that case, stress can negatively affect our mental and physical health and our work performance. You will learn to understand the mechanism of stress and how to handle it.

Content of the webinar:

  • What stress is and how it works
  • What are the potential physical problems
  • What are the psychological consequences
  • How to fight excessive or prolonged stress
  • How to prevent or overcome toxic stress
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

Mental resilience

Thriving through turbulent times

Try to imagine mental resilience as a shield that protects you from collapsing in difficult life situations. However, having a protective shield does not mean becoming thick-skinned, desensitized, cynical or indifferent. The webinar will teach you how to build your mental resilience while staying perceptive, empathetic and sensitive in a healthy way.

Content of the webinar:

  • Understanding what mental resistance consists of and how to avoid burnout
  • Exploring methods to access personal resources
  • Developing skills to build an inner resilient leader
  • Engaging in practical exercises aimed at strengthening resilience
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

Mental hygiene

How to handle challenging situations

The past years have taken us through a lot: economical instability, war in Europe, a never-ending pandemic... Alongside that, we all have our roles as parents, partners or employees. These roles are not always easy and bring a lot to deal with as well. You will learn how to keep your head above the water, find security in insecure times and rely on yourself and your mental strength.

Content of the webinar:

  • Understanding natural reactions in challenging situations
  • Strategies for managing stress and emotions
  • Balancing quality work performance and family well-being
  • Important principles of long-term care and prevention
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

Zen calm

Hacks for Stress Management

Working in a performance-driven atmosphere can put people under a lot of pressure and require a lot of concentration and stamina. Long-term work performance, on the other hand, cannot be sustained without frequent relaxation. We will show in this workshop how to recognize stress triggers early on and how long-term stress impacts our minds and health. We will also teach you skills for dealing with challenging emotional circumstances and workplace stress.

Content of the webinar:

  • Specific stress management techniques  
  • Strategies for identifying excessive stress early on
  • Coping better with stressful tension 
  • Incorporating mindfulness into stress management

Lecturer: Adam Kulhanek
Addictions expert, doctor
and soft skills trainer

Springtime lethargy

Wake Up & Stay Alert!

Spring lethargy is not a recognized medical or scientific term; however, it is used to describe a common phenomenon where individuals experience a temporary decrease in energy and motivation. After a long winter, the body shows its dissatisfaction stemming from the last months, marked by a lack of exercise, overeating, and minimal consumption of fruits, vegetables, and sunlight. All of these factors have a significant impact on the current discomfort we feel. Spring fatigue, however, is not a companion that needs to drag it out with you for long. 

Content of the webinar:

  • Understanding the biological rhythms affected by seasonal changes
  • Identifying the impact of health conditions on energy levels
  • Exploring the psychological aspects of transitioning to spring
  • Practical lifestyle adjustments to combat spring lethargy and embrace the season with renewed vitality
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

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