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Employee Engagement and Mental Health Harmony

Many organizations are very much aware they are only as strong as their most engaged and mentally healthy employees. Employee engagement is a commonly discussed topic in today’s work life, but have you ever wondered what employee engagement really means for us, the employees? Or how it's connected to our mental health? Discover how these two vital aspects of your well-being are deeply intertwined, influencing each other to shape your emotions, motivation, and overall sense of well-being, and even your performance in your role.

Content of the webinar:

  • Learn how employee engagement and mental health are deeply intertwined
  • Practical knowledge and actionable strategies to enhance your own mental health and engagement
  • Achieving balance: discover how to optimize your performance and create a harmonious work environment
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

Bossing & Mobbing

Workplace bullying

What makes up good functional connections, and what creates harmful or toxic relationships? Bossing is a type of bullying committed by a superior employee. When does a professional relationship cross the line, how to recognize it, and what to do about it? Mobbing is a type of group bullying that is directed towards individuals. Both might be committed consciously or unknowingly by coworkers. This webinar defines the line between what is acceptable and what is harmful.

Content of the webinar:

  • What is still neutral, and what has already turned passive aggressive? 
  • How can I recognize bullying and what should I do about it? 
  • What should I do when a lot of people are against me? 
  • What distinguishes a good relationship from a toxic one?
Lecturer: Zuzana Jochamnnova
Psychologist a psychotherapist

Active listening

The way to a successful cooperation

The basis of successful communication among people is the ability to listen to each other. Listening does not mean just mere hearing. It means understanding and comprehending what the other person says. By improving your active listening skills, new opportunities for collaboration will open up. You will also be able to have your work done quickly and focus on starting new projects.

Content of the webinar:

  • What active listening looks like and how it can help you
  • Useful techniques and tips on how to improve your active listening skills
  • What might be preventing you from being an active listener and why
  • How to incorporate attention and mindfulness to the process
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach


A guide to constructive communication

Feedback in one of the most accessible tools for developing the people around us, yet still very under-appreciated.  There are many benefits it can bring us , the most important ones are personal and performance growth of both your colleagues and yourself. No matter if you are a manager or a regular employee, we all need to learn to use feedback in a correct and effective way.

Content of the webinar:

  • Content of the webinar:
  • What the magic of feedback is and why it can help you grow
  • How to handle feedback in an effective way
  • What to avoid in the feedback vocabulary and what language to use
  • How to work with feedback in the long term

Lecturer: Kristyna Cetkovska
Psychologist and coach

Emotional intelligence

Decode the language of our emotions

A person who knows how to decode the language of emotions and who has a sense of interpersonal interaction is naturally among those who are successful in their personal and professional lives. The webinar will teach you how to read between the lines in communication. You will learn how to decipher emotions, needs, fears, interests and desires. This is the only way to achieve real win-win results in the long run. 

Content of the webinar:

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • The difference between IQ and EQ
  • How to use your emotions as your personal reliable radar
  • You will learn how to be perceptive to other people's emotions and how to handle them
Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach


Riding the same emotional wave

Tuning in to other people requires a certain capacity for emotional intelligence, in other words: empathy.
If we're not tuned in to the same wavelength, it can be hard to get along with others and find common ground. The best managers, respected teachers, successful leaders and good parents are those who can work with empathy very well. The webinar will provide you with an insight into how they do it.

Content of the webinar:

  • What empathy is and how it can help you both professionally and personally
  • How to cultivate and develop empathy so you can achieve successful communication
  • Why getting to know yourself and your emotions is a prerequisite for an empathetic response
  • How to use non-verbal communication to read others and know how to tune in to them

Lecturer: Nikola Sraibova
Lecturer and coach

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